Hal Masover, CRPC®


From real estate, to commodities, to portfolio and retirement planning, Hal's entire professional career has been one of value investing.

At Investment Insights we stand for appropriate investment diversification.  What sets Hal and the other professional consultants of Investment Insights apart from most other investment professionals is that they have the depth of experience with directly investing in tangible, hard, assets ("stuff") in addition to "paper" assets such as stocks and bonds.

Hal began as a professional real estate investor.  A graduate of Penn State, Hal began as a professional Real Estate investor in Madison, Wisconsin in 1978.  Successfully cashing out of those investments by 1986, Hal moved to Iowa and began to invest his real estate profits.

Hal carries the CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR® designation from the College for Financial Planning, which has enhanced his expertise in pre-and post-retirement planning.

Hal "wrote the book" on "Value Investing in Commodity Futures", John Wiley & Sons, NY 2000 (now translated into several languages including Chinese).  Hal's next venture was to found a commodity trading firm.  The experience led him to write his well-regarded book.  During this tenure he formulated two key elements of his investment philosophy.  First, adhere to "value Investing": maximize one's upside potential by seeking what's undervalued, be it Real Estate, Commodities, Bonds or Blue Chip Stocks.  Second, employ true investment diversification through alternative asset classes, particularly those based on tangible, hard assets that can also yield cash flow, and those not dependent on the direction of the markets.

Hal co-founded Iowa Progressive Asset Management with Stuart Valentine in 2000.  In 2010 Hal founded Investment Insights, Inc.  He and the other investment professionals at Investment Insights provide securities and investments with particular focus on diversification that includes both alternative and traditional investing.  Investment Insights has rapidly expanded and serves a clientele of independent-minded, sophisticated investors who are located all over the United States.  Securities are offered through an independent Broker/Dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, member FINRA/SIPC.  Investment Insights supports Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) by helping clients align their investing so as not to conflict with their particular social or environmental values.

Hal is a well known writer and speaker on alternative investing.

  • He has been a frequently invited speaker at investor shows.
  • He has written numerous articles for investment and trading publications.
  • He is an oft-quoted interview subject on radio and in financial newsletters.

Hal has been married to Joan Masover since 1979.  Together they have raised two grown sons: David, who is a computer engineer, and Aaron, a computer programmer with State Farm Insurance.  His wife, Joan, works with him as Investment Insight's Registered Administrative Assistant. Hal is an avid golfer and part-time professional photographer.

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