Joan Masover

Registered Assistant

Joan Masover

Joan has worked in financial services for over 20 years.  She spent the majority of her career with the firm as a financial advisor helping clients transition into retirement and navigate the complexities Social Security benefits.

Joan now enjoys a semi-retired life herself while continuing to service the needs of our clients.  Joan's original training is in the hard sciences where she developed critical thinking skills for discerning pseudo-science from real science. She graduated from Knox College with a degree in Biology. She credits this scientific background for helping her distinguish today between pseudo-finance (flawed financial strategies) and real finance (reality based strategies). She likes investments that are tangible and based on hard assets, and she likes investments that pay dividends.

Joan helps clients determine the best Social Security claiming strategy for their situation in co-ordination with the retirement planning process.

Joan has been a frequent speaker on investing at numerous venues including finance seminars, college and high school finance courses, cruise ships, NAIC conventions, and environmental expos. She spoke at The Money Show, which featured Louis Rukeyser, in Las Vegas in May, 2002. The topic was "Choosing Investments for Bull & Bear Markets".

Joan has written articles and opinion pieces on investing for newspapers and magazines in Iowa and Missouri, including the Des Moines Register, the Fairfield Ledger, the Iowa Source, and the Healthy Planet (published in St. Louis). She also created educational pieces specifically for employees of a local nonprofit, including one called "Don't Let Your Inheritance Jeopardize Your Child's Scholarship". (copy on request)  Joan was the 2002 recipient of the Iowa Sierra Club's business service award.

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